Simple, wholesome oil pulling

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A spoonful a day, that's all you need for this “therapy”. Rinsing your mouth every morning with oil absorbs waste materials, it's as simple as that. But the effect is none the worse for it.

Admittedly, it takes some getting used to. Swirling a teaspoon of oil in your mouth before breakfast may not be everyone's ideal start of the day, but after a few times you won't know any better. In any case, it's worth trying for a month because the results, as mentioned by its devotees, are sensational: skin problems disappear, teeth gleam as never before, hair becomes shiny, and hormonal symptoms are drastically diminished, to name a few.What’s exactly going on here? Are the vegetable oils sitting in our kitchen cupboards suddenly a miracle drug now? There's nothing new about oil pulling, or kavala graha. It's been part of daily mouth care in Ayurveda, the 3000-year-old Indian traditional medicine practice. In Sanskrit, kavala means “gargling” and graha means “to grab”. Translated freely, you can say that the oil swirling around in your mouth grabs every toxic substance it can get hold of. Coen van der Kroon, director of the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, was already familiar with the healing powers of oil. “We use it for everything. As a substance, oil has a great affinity with the human body; it combines easily with our bodily fluids and is therefore able to help restore a disturbed balance. In addition, oil has a strong antiviral and antibacterial effect.” Oil pulling has been part of the Indian morning ritual of brushing one’s teeth and scraping one’s tongue; they’ve been doing it for ages.

How is it done?

Most oil pullers do it as soon as they get up. You can perform your daily morning rituals with oil in your mouth - shower, get dressed, make breakfast. Rinse your mouth with warm water first to clean the oral cavity a little. One tablespoon is the usual quantity, preferably not too cold. But not all mouths are the same size; it should feel pleasant and you should have a little room left because the oil will mix with your saliva. You're not supposed to gargle it. You don't need to rinse your mouth with it the way people sometimes do with mouthwash. Just let the oil calmly swirl around your oral cavity and between your teeth. Do not swallow the oil. Don't panic if you swallow it accidentally, but the idea is that waste materials will gather in the oil and you can get rid of them by spitting them out. If you want to tackle specific symptoms, 20 minutes a day is advised; otherwise about 5 minutes will do the trick. Once a day is sufficient, although there are people who do it three times a day before every meal. Again, it is best to find out what works for you. When the time is up, spit the oil out. You'll see that it has become milky white. Rinse your mouth with warm water, or warm water with a little salt. A lot of people enjoy brushing their teeth straight after for an extra clean feeling. If your schedule allows it, wait about half an hour before you have breakfast.