Recipe: Banana pancakes

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Creative food stylist Ajda Mehmet possesses the gift to create something tasteful out of literally anything. With us she shares her knowledge about uncommon but not forgotten vegetables along with the most delicious recipes to prepare them.

Making banana pancakes...

Press play for instant weekend feels!

One click and I am immediately transported to Ko Pha Ngan, sunrise, toes in the cool sand, sound of the small waves, fresh coconut water and banana pancakes in beach huts.

I don’t think there is a better breakfast situation *sighs*

I try to recreate the same thing in my home here in Amsterdam but, ahem, it’s not quite the same. The soundtrack and pancakes are no problem, you just have to substitute the sand for some fluffy socks, the sea for a stroll along the Amstel and if I close my eyes real tight…well a girl can dream.

Me and bananas are good friends, but it’s funny, our relationship is a little love/hate. Let me explain.

I LOVE anything with bananas in. I LOVE banoffee pie, I mean love it. You don’t find it on menus in The Netherlands very often so I make my own, it’s so easy and always tastes better anyway. I LOVE banana milkshakes, banana smoothies (especially with peanut butter mmm), caramelized bananas, I LOVE to make frozen banana ice cream, banana bread, banana pancakes, basically anything with bananas in. But, I HATE eating plain, raw bananas. I literally can’t stand the taste and texture of them. I know, don't judge me.

If you think I am strange, my fiancé is the complete opposite. He loves eating raw bananas for breakfast or before a workout but hates the flavour of bananas in anything, especially in desserts. I know, totally weird! What is wrong with us? Are we the only ones?

Creamy fruity and super versatile, they hold their shape when flambéed, they freeze well and puree till silky smooth. Naturally sweet and good for you at the same time, they pair perfectly with heavily spiced, sweet and savoury flavours. They possess a clove-flavoured compound know as eugenol which increases as they ripen, meaning that flavours like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and anise work great together.

Containing high levels of potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and manganese per banana, you can help to improve your digestion, blood pressure, sustain blood sugar levels and improve metabolism.

Now I have that admission off my chest, time to get your weekend off to the right start with this weeks recipe. Top with your choice fruits, I love to have mine with orange segments and some coconut yogurt.

Banana pancakes
Serves 2

Remove the skin of 2 large ripe bananas and mash the bananas. Rinse 1 lime under hot water and scrub dry. Grate the lime over the bananas and squeeze out half the juice.
Mix in  2tsp cinnamon and 1 beaten egg.

Bake the pancakes in hot coconut oil.

These pancakes work best if served right after baking. If you're baking a lot of them and would like to save them, mix in 2tbsp (coconut)flour. This makes the pancakes a little more solid and then you can keep them a little longer in a lukewarm oven.

Tip: adding 1tbsp grated coconut to the batter makes the pancakes even more exotic.