Symbol of luck

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The rose is to the West what the lotus is to the East: a spiritual symbol of self-realization, finding your True Self. The rose connects opposites: it has sharp thorns on its stalk, but its flowers are delicate and fragrant. Red roses symbolize earthly love, white roses symbolize spiritual love, and golden roses stand for the resurrection in the Holy Spirit. The Romans believed that roses warded off drunkenness and helped you keep secrets. Roses were often depicted on confessional boxes in catholic churches, which explains the expression 'sub rosa' - underneath the rose, in other words: secret. Roses also represent Mary and virginity. The rose is an important symbol in many fairy-tales, for example in 'Beauty and the Beast'. And of course there is Sleeping Beauty, who rests behind her thorn-hedge for a hundred years until her true love awakens her with a kiss.

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Photography Jeroen van de Spek