Calm the mind

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Wind down after a busy day with this yin yoga exercise.

Legs up on the wall pose - This pose calms the mind and relaxes tired legs and feet. Lie on your back with your bottom against the wall. Put a folded blanket under your sacrum / hips by pushing your feet against the wall and raising your hips a little. Or put the folded blanket in the right place before you start. When you're lying down, rest your legs straight up against the wall. Let your body ‘sink into the ground’ as much as possible and set a timer to three minutes. After three minutes, push your feet against the wall and raise your hips to remove the blanket. Put your hips on the ground and turn over on one side with your knees bent. Take a few more slow breaths before you get up.

Text Thirza van de Hoef
Photography Violaine Chapallaz