Move the body to still the mind

Happinez WebmasterComment

Your feet jump, your hips sway, your hair whirls around. So far it’s no different from dancing at a club on a Saturday night. But then the rhythm changes, and your movements too. Dancing to the Five Rhythms is meditating with your whole body.

You might call the Five Rhythms a kind of movement meditation. Founder Gabriëlle Roth rediscovered the ancient technique of using movement to find your inner silence.

These are the five rhythms danced in every session, together creating a wave of movement:


The flowing rhythm undulates in soft, round movements, loose and supple. 'Flowing' is the basis of all rhythms, with dance steps that have no beginning and no end, while your feet take the lead. Your feet sense the floor, explore the weight of your body, carry it, and put it in motion. It's a feminine energy that focuses on receiving and opening up. This rhythm connects you with the flow of your individual energy and gives you a solid foundation.


This is the rhythm of your inner fire. Staccato is 'dancing with your bones', in measured angles and lines, like geometry in motion. It pulses from your heart and gains its strength and dynamics through your knees and hips. Staccato represents male energy, concentrated, focused outward. It breaks down your walls so any hardened pains and memories can be dissolved in the heavy rhythm.


Chaos teaches you to let go. When you let go of the choreographer of your life, you can set your inner dancer free. Chaos knows no form, everything happens at once, your body is shaken up from head to foot. It goes on until control loses its power and there's nothing for you to do but throw yourself into the dance with abandon and make the journey to freedom and creativity.


The lyrical rhythm creates a dance as light as a feather. It lifts you up. Your arms spread, your chest opens up, and you broaden your mind. Even your letting go of chaos becomes something you can let go, and then you have room for light and playfulness. This is the rhythm of your soul, this is how you find joy in everything. You dance like the leaves on the wind, your spirit soars, and your powers of imagination are unleashed.


The rhythm of silence is timeless. Space becomes unimportant. Silence moves in a void. This is where you focus your attention on the ebb and flow of your breath, on the beating of your heart. You find peace in the tranquil movements and you accept yourself completely. You are fully awake and connected to the divine. Everything you do here is a prayer.

Photography: Violaine Chapallaz