What does 2017 bring for your heart, head & soul?

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In 2017 we’ll be looking for harmony in our relationships and we’ll be more open to forgiveness. This is the effect of Jupiter in Libra. Saturn will be passing through Sagittarius, causing us to have an uncomplicated view of religion and spirituality. We’ll have to look for wisdom and depth closer to home; not in India or Tibet, but in our own hearts.

In Happinez Slow Living you can read the full horoscope, here you'll find some first insights.

Capricorn - 23 December to 21 January
Vulnerability, intimacy and resilience

Soul: For a few years now, Pluto has brought you confrontational and challenging circumstances that affected the depths of your soul.

Heart: No heart is more sensitive than the heart of a Capricorn, no matter how well you hide it.

Head: In 2017 you'll be more adventurous and enterprising than people expect.


Aquarius - 21 January to 19 February
Spontaneity, longing and idealism

Soul: One of Aquarius’s greatest fears is dullness, or worse: being boring.

Heart: For Aquarius, steady relationships are a tricky subject.

Head: Are you focused on a fat bank account or a position of power?


Pisces - 19 February to 21 March
Miracles, tantra and empathy

Soul: Pisces is the sign of natural spirituality and extreme sensitivity.

Heart: When it comes to love, Pisces are dreamers with an endless need for gentleness, cuddling and romance.

Head: Most Pisces are not very interested in work and money.


Aries - 21 March to 21 April
Friendship, experience and perspective

Soul: When there's all sorts of stuff going on in your life, which will be the case in 2017, there’s no time for silence and contemplation.

Heart: For many years now, Uranus has caused you to make unorthodox choices in love. 2017 will be no exception.

Head: Uranus, the planet that loves change, has been causing a lot of 'social insecurity' in the lives of Aries.


Taurus - 21 April to 21 May
Miracles, faith and fun

Soul: Taurus can be cheerful and quick to laugh, but you’re definitely not airy or flippant.

Heart: No sign of the zodiac is more loyal than Taurus.

Head: You set great store by enjoying everything the earth has to offer.


Gemini - 21 May to 22 June
Clarity, dedication and loyalty

Soul: Gemini are sometimes described as superficial, but that would do you no justice.

Heart: To the playful Gemini, a steady commitment is a dream.

Head: Gemini feel good about their work if it connects people.


Cancer - 22 June to 24 July
Gratitude, acceptance and relief

Soul: For Cancers born before 5 July, the seven lean years are over.

Heart: Although your moods and emotions change fast, when it comes to the Important Feelings you are very constant.

Head: As long as you're under fire from Pluto in Sagittarius (as you have been for a few years) you may have some financial problems.


Leo - 24 July to 24 August
Truth, fulfillment and value

Soul: A true Leo shines like the sun, generously sharing warmth and love with anyone who needs it.

Heart: For Leo, one of the most powerful motivators is sexuality.

Head: The element gold, one of the most precious metals, goes with Leo.


Virgo - 24 August to 23 September
Wholeness, love and relaxation

Soul: One of the characteristics of Virgo: her distinguishing abilities.

Heart: Neptune and Chiron take your love life and relationships in hand.

Head: Working hard can be almost an addiction for Virgo, like a lightning conductor for uncomfortable emotions.


Libra - 23 September to 23 October
Growth, happiness and wisdom

Soul: This year Jupiter will give you a manual for creating miracles, to use any time of day or night.

Heart: Maybe you’re like: I’m so ready for love!, so with Jupiter on my side it will probably be great. Maybe… It depends on your dreams and wishes

Head: In 2017, Jupiter is your personal mascot. That means you don't have to worry about money or other earthly issues.


Scorpio - 23 October to 23 November
Enlightenment, mildness and responsibility

Soul: Seeing is believing.

Heart: The wholesome effect of love – boosted by Neptune and Chiron in Pisces – will filter through into your relationships as well.

Head: Scorpios with a clear goal in mind can turn into really hard workers – almost obsessed.


Sagittarius - 23 November to 23 December
Wisdom, passion and patience

Soul: As a Sagittarius, you naturally have a direct line to the source of divine wisdom.

Heart: A Sagittarius has huge amounts of love (and much more) to give

Head: A Sagittarius who does what she loves can work harder than any star sign

Illustration: Shelia Liu