Happinez WebmasterComment

Occasionally it can be useful to believe in miracles a little bit. Because it was a miracle to discover the idyllic fortress island near Utrecht while we were looking for the perfect location to have our Happinez Festival. Even without our flags and tents we knew this was the dream location.

When I close my eyes now, I am already at this luscious green place. I hear laughter soar from one of the halls, I see people lying on their backs in the grass, I feel the gentle breeze and I am enjoying the buzz and the music. I can hardly wait until September.

Again we have tried our utmost to create an incredible program. We are very proud to present all our guests to you: the most interesting speakers, yogis and meditation teachers from near and far. They will talk to you about happiness, inner peace, change, inspiration, comfort, energy and so many other important themes of life. There are new faces, but also familiar ones who immediately blocked their calendars when they heard that the festival would be taking place again.

Together we will turn this into a wonderful celebration. All I can say is: join us! We couldn’t wish for a better start of the late summer…

Marije de Jong