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Marijn BaarComment

"Since the world around us is changing so fast, it has become wiser to trust our inner world. Getting to know that inner world can be a long journey. But at the same time an interesting and fascinating one. It is a journey that I would like to share with you, our dear readers. A search for wisdom, insight and balance.”

Happinez founder Inez van Oord – do you recognize the ‘inez’ at the end of the magazine title? – wrote this in the first ever issue of the Dutch Happinez. With the creation of this magazine she followed her heart. She was convinced that many people would want to join her in her search of a different view on life. A more balanced way of living, more spiritual and principally happier. She seemed right, for more than a million readers in Europe have found the spirit of Happinez. And now, you are looking at the first English issue. Being happy really has no limitations whatsoever, we discovered. 

We look at the world with a beginners mind. Everything that is beautiful and worth the effort, everything that binds us with the earth, with our ancestors, our traditions and religions we welcome with arms wide open. There are many roads to authentic and sustainable happiness. Will you join us on that journey?

Marije de Jong, Editor in Chief