We look at the world with a beginners mind. Everything is beautiful and worth the effort, everything that binds us with the earth, with our ancestors, our traditions and religions we welcome with arms wide open. There are many roads to authentic and sustainable happiness. Will you join us on that journey?
— Marije de Jong, editor in Chief

Welcome to Happinez. The magazine for people who have two feet on the ground, who are aware of living in a changing, hectic society and for that reason are looking for ways to find peace - as a starting point for a happy and harmonious life.

Happinez is about being authentically and sustainably happy. In doing so we are open to anyone who has insights, as long as those insights are wise, spiritual and loving. Because we hope to find happiness especially in meaningfulness, inner peace and harmony - in combination with a pure and aesthetic lifestyle. With articles, interviews, travel reports, insights, recipes, exercises, and a beautiful unique design Happinez magazine is a present to yourself.

Happiness knows no boundaries...
For a positive, wise and loving life, choose Happinez!